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Conflict Zone was inspired by Joao Silva, the New York Times photographer who lost both legs in a landmine blast in October 2010 in Afghanistan. Brought together by a U.S. Marine, Joao's colleagues from the press corps agreed to pool their work for a multimedia art exhibit that brings together some of the most celebrated combat journalists and photographers of our time. Chris Hondros, one of Joao's colleagues and a featured photographer in the exhibit, was killed in Libya in April 2011. Conflict Zone is now dedicated to him.

Contributors to Conflict Zone feature Ben Brody, Andrea Bruce, Army Maj. Alan S. Brown, Joel Chaverri, Sig Christenson, Jed Conklin, Kathleen Flynn, Nicole Frugé, Chros Hondros, Jason P. Howe, Diandra Jay, Michael Kamber, Alex Kingsbury, Greg Marinovich, Jeff Newton, Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Ortiz, Stacy L. Pearsall Holly Pickett, Bill Putnam, Ayman Oghanna Joao Silva, Cesar Soriano, Jackie Spinner, Ross Taylor, Army Sgt. Catherine Threat, Scott Wallace, Craig Walker, Nathan Webster and Michael Yon. The work exhibited in Conflict Zone first appeared in the New York Times, Getty Images, the Washington Post, CBS News, the St. Petersburg Times and USA Today among others. Contributors include both military and civilian journalists.

Joao Silva took this photograph moments after

he stepped on the landmine in Afghanistan. His

courage and tenacity continue to inspire his

friends and colleagues in the press corps.


CONFLICT ZONE is a collection of images from the front lines

of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, captured by some of the

world's leading combat photographers and journalists.

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